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Miracle for You: Chapter Six
#super junior
Title: Miracle for You (Chapter Six)
Summary: Everything was so right... then an angel came and turned everything upside down.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Yesung, kid!Leeteuk
Couple: Kyuhyun/Yesung hinted!Leeteuk/Yesung
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Drama
Rated: G

Chapter One| Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Rushing through the rotating hospital doors, Yesung made his way up those long and winding stairs. He could not afford to wait for the elevator. Up on the 4th floor he could see Kyuhyun’s mother pacing back and forth frantically, freshly made tear tracks were evident on her face.

“Umma…” Lifting her head up, she immediately noticed Yesung with grief written all over his face. And quickly, she ran straight to him and began to tear up.

“Yesung-ah… they said that he won’t wake up… please… I don’t know what to do!” Rubbing her back in attempts to comfort Kyuhyun’s distraught mother, Yesung lowered his head in pain and guilt. I don’t know what to do either… I wish I did though.

“Ne, Umma… can… I see Kyu?” Quietly, she nodded as she led him to his room. Machines were hooked to him, left and right and were practically covering him from head to toe. The oxygen mask was still on, as he breathed in and out. His own IV was there dripping a liquid steadily down in to his body. Kyuhyun’s eyes were also shut tight, his life line just a few inches away at the side of his bed. It was a scene that Yesung never wanted to see.

Crouching down, he grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand and clasped it between his two small hands. Kyuhyun was barely recognizable under all of the tubes and needles. And as he was choking on his tears, Yesung silently stayed there with Kyuhyun, trying to accept this reality. That was until footsteps were heard and coming towards the room. A Chinese man was standing at the doorway. A small box was in his hands as he peered around the room.

“Uh… excuse me… is there someone named Yesung anywhere?” Silently, Yesung stood up and walked towards the man.

“Y-yes, that would be me.” The Chinese man then shoved the box in front of Yesung as he explained what happened in the ambulance.

“Ah, my name is Hangeng and I happened to be the paramedic who took care of your friend. He handed me this box and told me to give it to you before he went out.” Looking intently at it, Yesung was calmly observing the box. It was a wooden box with nothing special or extraordinary. However, once Yesung opened the box, it revealed a small pendant with the shape of a ‘K’. Carved in the pedant was small music notes as they flowed throughout. Also inside was a little folded note left by Kyuhyun tucked inside the box:

Sungie~ hehe, can I call you that? ^^ Anyway, I hope you like the necklace I bought for you. It’s so that you’ll have a piece of me anywhere you go! I also have one so we can always be near each other no matter how far apart we may be. I hope that we can be together forever. Saranghae~                       


Whipping around, Yesung could now notice something shining that was hanging around Kyuhyun’s neck. Carefully lifting up necklace, he could see a ‘Y’ shaped pendant dangling from the chain.

Soon Yesung began to mutter words that couldn’t be heard. The tears wouldn’t stop as they fell onto Kyuhyun’s bed, leaving splotches of heartache and sadness. No longer able to handle anymore of the pain, Yesung ran past Hangeng and down the hallway, not certain where his legs will take him. Running and running, he found himself up on top of the hospital roof. Clenching the pendant tightly in his fist, Yesung couldn’t help it any longer and shouted at the top of his lungs, hoping something would happen.

“Please, anyone! Please save Kyuhyun! I-I don’t want him to die. Please I want him to live! Because I want to feel his hug again… and I want him to say I love you once more…” Collapsing to the cold concrete below him, Yesung was in ruins. All of a sudden there was a faint noise somewhere close by.

“Y-Yesung…” That familiar voice… Lifting his head, he could see Leeteuk standing before him. The cheerful spirit in him had seemed to die as Leeteuk’s eyes could no longer reflect that happiness. Without thinking, Yesung grabbed the small Leeteuk into his arms.

“Leeteuk! Please do something to save Kyuhyun! I beg of you!” Suddenly, Leeteuk shoved Yesung away.

“To believe that angels could protect and save human beings… is only the sad figment of people’s imagination. They believe in anything that will bring that small hope, even if it’s completely false.” Looking straight at Yesung, streaks flowed down Leeteuk’s face.

“I don’t know what happened, but during these few weeks you have changed me. If it’s for the better or for the worse I honestly don’t know. However, you have showed me many things that I have never learned before and for that I thank you.” Yesung could only murmur a few words back.

“Leeteuk… don’t take him away.” Soon Leeteuk took his stare away from Yesung as he kept talking.

“Our wings… have immense power. With them, we can practically do anything… However, we angels also have one strict code we follow. Whatever we take from the human world we must give back something in return.” Leeteuk turned his head to face Yesung once again, a soft smile immerged. “You gave me the human emotions that I never seemed to know exist, and for that… I gave my wings to Kyuhyun.”  Instantly, Yesung ran up and hugged Leeteuk with all of his might.

“Thank you… Thank you!”  Nothing could compare with the joy, relief and just pure bliss Yesung was feeling at that moment. But just then, something clicked in Yesung’s head.

“Wait… what will happen to you?!” Leeteuk gazed back at him with a bittersweet smile.

“Without my wings, my soul becomes unsteady. Soon, I’ll disappear.” Those words hit Yesung like a ton of bricks.

“No… NO! Why?” Slowly looking down at Leeteuk, his legs were fading away gradually. However Leeteuk kept on smiling back at Yesung.

“I couldn’t bear with myself if I left you like this… a complete wreck. You mean something to me. And sometimes, things need to be sacrificed. A life for a life… there’s no other way around it.” Sorrow surrounded the two as tears fell to the concrete ground.

“Don’t do this Leeteuk!” Yesung cried, but Leeteuk just shook his head.

“I’ve already decided. It’s too late Yesung, but can you promise me one thing? Cherish the times you share with Kyuhyun. If you do that, then I’ll have no regrets with my choice.” Leeteuk was rapidly becoming ghost-like as he started to become more transparent and pale. Smiling through the tears, Yesung replied.

“I-I will…” Swiftly, Leeteuk gave him a faint peck on the cheek.

“Thank you for everything Yesung, you gave me a true purpose in my life. And maybe, I’ll see you someday…” And with that Leeteuk vanished, traces of pure white feathers was all that was left of the angel. Crouching down, Yesung picked up all of the feathers and held them close to his heart.

“No, I should be thanking you Leeteuk… Thank you giving me a miracle.”


 It’s been a few weeks since that day at the hospital and Yesung was standing around in the park, keeping a watchful eye on the clock tower.Almost 3 o’clock… He thought to himself. Pacing back and forth he was still waiting. That was until a smooth voice was heard in the distance. Glancing up, he could see Kyuhyun, his arms wide open.

“KYU!” Dashing into his embrace they stayed like that for a good few minutes.

“Sungie, thank you for waiting for me to recover.”

“It’s nothing, but the doctors told me that you were recovering at abnormal speed which shocked them.” Yesung began to chuckle as Kyuhyun nodded in reply, his arm wrapped tightly around Yesung’s waist. And soon he gazed at him lovingly.

“Do you want to go out?” And immediately Yesung beamed brightly as the two locked lips together.

“Yes, but can I tell you a story first?”

“Is it about your turtles again?” Kyuhyun teased, only to earn a smack from Yesung.

“No silly, it’s about an angel…” Yesung’s voice trailed off as he showed a gentle smile.

“… a true miracle angel.”

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thank you for updateee...^^
i'm glad to see kyusung together anymore but it's so sad because leeteuk disappeared..*sobs T_T
yes i agree, leeteuk is a true miracle angel.. :))
i'm waiting for the next chap.. ^^

*hands you tissues* don't cry, there is an epilogue :)

love your story! and Leeteuk is always the best! great that Kyuhyun is ok so is it the end of your story? :-)

awww thanks :3 but nope! not the end XD i have an epilogue.

yeah! that's great! and i hope you will make Leeteuk reborn as a human!!! XD thankssssssssss

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