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~Reach for the Sky~

-Hope is a Dream that Never Sleeps-

Hi! ^^

I go by Jade. And I'm new to this entire thing so forgive me if I have no idea what I'm doing for the next few weeks. First off, I love K-POP and Super Junior has stolen my heart and isn't planning on giving it back anytime soon XD. I have been an ELF for two years *smiles triumphantly* My ultimate bias is the evil gaming maknae Kyuhyun. Yesung, Donghae, Leeteuk and Hangeng claim second (cause I'm indecisive that way :P) everybody else is third because they are all awesome and nobody can be last. Also I really don't like ONLY13 and think that Henry and Zhoumi are just amazing!
So yeah, I basically will write any pairing that has to do with Kyuhyun (be it that I'm a little Kyusung bias :D) but yeah other than that any other pairings are completely fine. However, I may suck at them. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciate and I hope to be a good writer for you all <3