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About Me......
#super junior
Hi! ^.^

Nice to meet you. The name's Jade. And here are a few things about me :D
(Pardon me if I have no idea what I'm doing.... I'm new to this thing......)

1. I LOVE k-pop! Here are some bands that I adore:
  • SUPER JUNIOR <3 (my one and only... they stole my heart and aren't giving it back)
  • DBSK (sad that they broke up and wants them to get back together)
  • Infinite (these boys are so cute and adorable XP)
  • SHINee (ahh... Sherlock, but Taeminnie... the hair?)
  • B2ST/BEAST (has gotten me trying to learn how to do their 'fiction' dance.... i fail miserably T.T)
  • MBLAQ (Lee Joon's interactions with Kyuhyun in PD Shin's variety show have gotten me hooked :P)
  • EXO (NEW LOVE <3 they are all too cute :3)
  • BAP (ANOTHER NEW LOVE <3 omg... their new solo "stop it" ^^)
2. Playing the Piano

I've been playing the piano for quite a while and I've been learning some kpop songs on it. It has made me so happy :)
3. Sports

I love playing sports and have taking karate for a long time. I can kick ass like Sungmin and Hangeng! (i admit they are both better at it than i am XD)
4. I'm very young
haha not really, I'm a 96'er. but anything else about my bday is CLASSIFIED INFORMATION!!!!

5. My Biases
Okay now here's my biases.....
1st is forever the evil gaming maknae Kyuhyun
2nd is Leeteuk, Hangeng, Donghae, and Yesung (because i'm SUPER indecisive)
3rd is every one else because nobody can be last in my book
1st Changmin- evil maknae with other evil maknae is amazing :D
1st Jonghyun- his voice makes me melt into a puddle of liquid :)
1st Seungho- Oh my, that man can do anything... absolutely anything :3
1st Yoseob- He's is just a pure ball of cuteness... and man, his voice is beautiful too :))
Exo-K: Chanyeol- He has gotten me infected by his happy virus XD
Exo-M: Tie between Kris and Tao... gosh... those two...
1st Daehyun- Busan accent is killer <3 also his singing voice too...
6.My OTPs
I believe you should now know my otps...
And it's practically everything with Kyuhyun ;P
I also love Daejae, Krisyeol, and the 87 Line <3

7. Don't really like smut.... honestly..... awk. (My own opinion)

And yeah... that's basically it :D I hope to write good fics and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! Let's be friends XD
(Note: So I don't have to repeat myself... I sadly don't own any of the SJ members. TT.TT)
Oh right! I have an AFF account with the same username if you wanna check that out too!
Asianfanfics: prom15e_10ve

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hey, I'm sorry for commenting here. You can delete this comment after you read it.
I tried to reply your message but lj said there was an error. Since you had enabled the privacy options for your message, I couldn't reply to it. Therefore, can you change your message options so that I can be able to talk more into details about the thing you wanted me to help with?
hope we can work together :)

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