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Just Meant to Be: Chapter Five
#super junior
Title: Just Meant to Be (Chapter Five)
Summary: With the two most unlikely people in the most unusual circumstances, sometimes things are meant to be.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook, Donghae, Onew, Heechul, ninja!Eunhyuk, other KPOP idol cameos to come...
Couple: Kyuhyun/Yesung
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Drama/Comedy(?)
Rated: PG

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

“Hello, it seems that you’re an acquaintance of Kyuhyun’s. Let me introduce myself. I’m Kim Ryeowook, Kyuhyun’s best friend.” However, once he said his name, Yesung’s eyes bugged out… so did Kyuhyun’s.

“What? Why are you staring at me like I have ten heads or something?” Ryeowook said playfully, smacking Kyuhyun on the arm.

“Y-y-you can see him.” Kyuhyun exclaimed as he pointed at Yesung.

“Psh, of course I can see him!” Ryeowook said, “He’s a person after all!”

 “B-but… he’s a dead one.” Kyuhyun replied. Ryeowook’s face turned more serious and shocked.



“So… let me get this straight. You appeared in Kyuhyun’s apartment, have no recollection of your past life… and you’re dead?” Reclining back into his chair, Ryeowook asked –no, wait… more like interrogated- Yesung.

“Um, yeah. Pretty much.” And soon Ryeowook started to glare at Yesung intently, making him cower back just a tad.

“Come on Wookie, relax! He’s not going to possess you or anything.” Kyuhyun exclaimed as he leaned back in his chair. “And by the way… I thought you could only sense things, like have mental flashes of memories that don’t belong to you or something. Not actually see a full-blown ghost!”

“Well, I didn’t know either! He looks so human… so real… and why the heck can you see him? Don’t tell me that you’re psychic too.” Ryeowook replied coldly as he crossed his arms. But Kyuhyun just shrugged. “Psh, like I would know. And no, I’m not psychic as far as I know.”

“You guys… Can I please not get treated like a nonliving thing? I’m still human. Albeit dead, but still very much human, thank you.” Yesung interrupted as he was fiddling with his fingers. Removing his stare from Yesung, Ryeowook turned his attention to Kyuhyun.

“So, you’re helping him recover his memories?” He questioned Kyuhyun. “Yeah. It’ll help him move on, not to mention get out of my apartment.” Kyuhyun replied matter-of-factly.

“Hey! Am I that bad?!” Yesung retorted back.

“Yes, yes you are that bad Yesung. You keep making trouble wherever you go,” Kyuhyun said as he sighed. “And I’m always the one who has to deal with it, not to mention clean it up.” Kyuhyun replied as Yesung mumbled another ‘sorry’. Slumping deeper into his chair in exhaustion, Kyuhyun soon thought of an idea. “Say, Ryeowook… since you’re psychic and all, can you help him?”

“Hm, never really done anything with my powers,” Leaning on his hand Ryeowook tilted his head up towards the ceiling. “But if it would help you… then sure, why not?” Yesung brightened up immediately, “Thank you so much, Ryeowook-sshi!” Suddenly, a calm smile graced Ryeowook’s face. Rising up in his chair, Kyuhyun ran over and gave Ryeowook a big bear hug.

“You’re a LIFE SAVER!” Kyuhyun exclaimed as Ryeowook was gasping for breath.

“I get it. I get it! Don’t kill your life saver now Kyu!” Immediately letting go, Kyuhyun sheepishly smiled as he began to walk towards the counter.

“Sorry about that… Well, my break is going to be over, so you and Yesung can have a nice chat! And Ryeowook, don’t forget that we have a test in sociology tomorrow! ” With a quick wave, Kyuhyun disappeared behind the counter. Right away, Ryeowook mumbled, “Crap… forgot about that one.”


A few minutes of staring at each other soon followed after Kyuhyun left and Yesung muttered quietly under his breath. “This is SO awkward…”

“I can hear that you know.” Ryeowook retorted as he once again crossed his arms. The same cold exterior that Ryeowook had before was showing once more. His bright and chirpy side was no more as it had vanished in an instant.

“What’s wrong Ryeowook-sshi? Why are you all of a sudden… cold?” Yesung asked as he began to walk up to him. Caught by surprise, Ryeowook slowly pushed his chair backwards.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You were all so cheerful when Kyuhyun was here and now I feel like that a big giant wall just appeared out of nowhere and is standing right between us.”

“Please get away from me…” Ryeowook exclaimed as he inched further and further away from Yesung. Under his breath he whispered, “Why, did I say yes to Kyuhyun?” And that’s when it clicked in Yesung’s head.

“Ryeowook-sshi… are you afraid of me?” Now it was, instead for Ryeowook’s turn to be left speechless as he could only turn away and give a slight nod. Looking down, Yesung nodded in return.

“I guess you have every right to be… but Ryeowook-sshi, I promise I won’t harm you. I just want your help, that’s all.” Peering up, Ryeowook was face to face with Yesung as he stared right in his eyes. Those eyes that were so faded and yet filled with emotion. Looking at him, Ryeowook felt safe… that no harm would be done to him. That’s when he finally let his cold appearance go away. His face immediately lightened up and once again that faint smile appeared on his face.

“Your eyes…”

“What about my eyes? Is there something weird about them? Are they different colors? One’s bigger than the other? Am I missing one?!” Frantically Yesung ran towards the bathroom to look at the mirror, only to slip on a nearby puddle and sent him flying towards the drinking fountain… in which he quickly made go haywire.

Picking himself up, Yesung quickly noticed the soda pouring out of the contraption as Kyuhyun voice was heard in the background, grumbling his name.

Within all of the chaos, Yesung managed to let out an, ‘oops’ before quickly fleeing the scene and towards where Ryeowook was. Laughter soon escaped Ryeowook’s lips as he began to laugh uncontrollably.

“Yesung, I didn’t mean it like that! I meant that your eyes were showing so much emotion and so much warmth…” Sitting back down, Ryeowook finally revealed his bubbly side once again to Yesung.

“You see, when I discovered that I could see and do things that normal people couldn’t, my emotions weren’t very controlled and thus, it led to some people being harmed… including Kyuhyun.” Ryeowook’s eyes were filled with sorrow and regret as he turned away.


“With the slightest bit of sudden emotion, I could create and instant poltergeist. And from then on, whenever my ‘abilities’ are in use, I become cold and distant… it’s so my emotions don’t trigger something that I never intend to happen. That’s also when I became terrified of many things paranormal.” Turning his stare back to Yesung, Ryeowook let out a smile.

“But I don’t know why, when I’m with you… I feel safe. I can feel completely normal and not worry about letting my emotions get the best of me. So for you, I am willing to help in any way I can.” Bowing graciously to Ryeowook, Yesung let out a big grin.

“Thank you again!”


The two kept on talking for an hour or two more, and Yesung had told Ryeowook that happened to him. Especially, the closet avalanche incident. And once Yesung mentioned that to him, Ryeowook instantly knew what to do.

“Yesung, I think you’re memories are triggered by things, places or even events that you used to do or have in your past life.”


“I’m sure. My proof is in the turtle plushie you found at Kyu’s apartment. Once you touched it, you remember a time when you also had a turtle plushie, did you not?” Yesung quickly nodded in reply.

“Then I suggest going to the amusement park!” Yesung quickly looked up confused.


“Your only memory had you at an amusement park, so if you go to one, you might be able to gain another memory!” Immediately it all made sense as Yesung as he began to jump up and down with joy.

“Ryeowook! You’re amazing! So now all I have to do is go to an amusement park and I’ll get some more pieces of my life!” Ryeowook nodded in reply before quickly whispering into Yesung’s ear.

“You should take Kyu with you too…” Quickly, Yesung looked up startled.

“W-why?” A smirk appeared on Ryeowook’s face.

“I know how you feel about him.” Heat was rising up through Yesung’s neck as he managed to let out a faint hint of red on his pale and transparent cheeks.


“I’m not psychic for nothing Yesung.” Was Ryeowook’s simple reply.

“But… I’m dead Ryeowook and he’s not. My feelings will only ruin everything that life has going for Kyuhyun. This isn’t meant to be…”

“Yesung… I may not be the best to talk about love with… but even if you’re dead, doesn’t mean you lose your right to emotions… especially love.” Looking at the clock, Ryeowook quickly grabbed his coat and headed towards the door of the café.

“I have to go… but Yesung, go talk to Kyuhyun about the amusement park… trust me, the two of you need it.” And with that Ryeowook left. Leaving Yesung alone at the table, he began to think about what Ryeowook said and the new found forbidden feeling that he was never supposed to have.

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oh fun a ghost yesung ^^

and when yesung started to love kyu?

hope love can find kyu again and yesung can remember his lost life ^^


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