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Just Meant to Be: Chapter Four
#super junior

Title: Just Meant to Be (Chapter Four)
Summary: With the two most unlikely people in the most unusual circumstances, sometimes things are meant to be.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook, Donghae, Onew, Heechul, ninja!Eunhyuk, other KPOP idol cameos to come...
Couple: Kyuhyun/Yesung
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Drama/Comedy(?)
Rated: PG

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Dropping his backpack, Kyuhyun sighed in relief that the school day was over. Making like a snail, he head towards the couch where he collapsed onto the soft cushions, ready to fall asleep.

However, Kyuhyun turned his head, making it face the hallway. Absentmindedly looking down the corridor, the study room door was slightly opened. Hm, that’s weird… I swore that I closed it shut. But, looking closer, he noticed something… or someone slumped on the floor. Crap, is that Yesung? Immediately, Kyuhyun leapt off of the sofa and sped down the hallway, slamming the door open.

Inside the room, all of Kyuhyun’s belongings that used to be in neat boxes and in the study room closet were now scattered everywhere. Lying there, next to a huge pile of Kyuhyun’s stuff, was an unconscious Yesung, holding what seemed like a necklace.

“Hey, HEY! YESUNG! Wake up!” Making all of the noise he could possibly create, Yesung was soon abruptly awakened.

“WHOA!” When Yesung opened his eyes, he was faced with a very frustrated Kyuhyun.

“Oh… when did you get here Kyuhyun?” Picking himself off the floor, Yesung quickly remembered the chaos he created in the room and winced at the scene.

“I came back just a few minutes ago. And why the hell is all my stuff all over the floor?” Kyuhyun stated as he pointed to the huge and obvious mountain of his stuff on the floor.

“Uh… yeah, about that… I-um how do I say this-” “-You failed again?” Kyuhyun butted in, completing the sentence and interrupted Yesung.

“Hey! I didn’t-well, maybe I did- but still!” Yesung replied, soon at a loss for words. However, Kyuhyun rolled his eyes again as he began to place his belongings back into the boxes.

“Still what?” Kyuhyun said and soon he no longer placed his stuff in the boxes, but more like chucked them in haphazardly, not really caring where they go. As long as they’re in a box and not on the floor then it was completely fine. “Ah, whatever, I can’t stop you from failing so I guess I just have to deal with it. Aish… and I have to go to work too…”

“You have work?” Yesung questioned as he stared at Kyuhyun. “I thought you were a student.”

“I have a part-time job. How else can I pay the bills as well as my tuition?” Moving down the hallway, Kyuhyun yelled back to Yesung, “I need to get changed so please clean up the catastrophe you made!”

“Okay! Geez, why do you hate me so much?” Muttering under his breath, Yesung started to put all the things in their respectful spots and shove them back into the closet. Appearing in his uniform for work, Kyuhyun simply replied, “If I hated you so much, then why am I letting you stay in my apartment?” Unknowingly, a light blush graced Yesung’s cheeks that were barely noticeable since he was pale and transparent to begin with.  (Being a ghost and all…) Clutching his hand tightly, Yesung could feel the fish pendant still in his grasp and instantly remembered something.

“Ne, Kyuhyun! I remembered something!” Kyuhyun perked his head up as he made his way towards Yesung.

“Huh? How?” Lifting up the necklace, Yesung started to explain.

“I found this inside the closet. When I touched it… I blacked out and immediately, I remembered a piece of my life.” Kyuhyun started to examine the necklace.

“Are you going to tell me or what? …because I seriously have to leave in fifteen minutes.” Kyuhyun explained bluntly as he pointed to the clock.

“Right,” with his attention back Yesung told everything, “I remembered being at an amusement park. There was someone next to me with reddish-orangey hair. There were many types of rides there. At a carnival game, he won me a turtle plushie. I seemed to love it so much. That must be the connection with me and turtles. But, we were holding hands… and being like a couple. He must have been my lover… Aish, I feel so horrible for not remembering him.” Yesung exclaimed as he heart sunken just a bit. However Kyuhyun felt this pang of envy fused up within him. Lucky… at least he had a decent love relationship before he died. Kyuhyun thought to himself as he pushed that so called jealousy down.

“Did you remember his name?” Kyuhyun questioned. Yesung’s face showed regret as he shook his head in response.

“No… I’m sorry.” Immediately, Kyuhyun reassured Yesung.

“It’s okay. I’m helping you after all.” Turning towards him, Yesung let out a faint smile, resisting the urge to yet again touch Kyuhyun.

“T-thanks.” But, lingering in Yesung’s mind was the event that happened last night, Kyuhyun’s nightmare, and it had him really worried.

“Kyuhyun, tell me… why do you toss and turn in your sleep? Last night, I overheard you and you kept muttering, ‘don’t leave me’ and ‘I love you’. Is there something wrong?”  Sadness and pain filled Kyuhyun’s eyes, and he quickly adverted his attention away from Yesung.

“I-I don’t want to talk about that.” Kyuhyun mumbled as the images of her come flooding back into his mind. Memories that he wanted to burn and get rid of them. Take them out of his life.

“Kyuhyun… look at me.” Shocked by Yesung’s sudden outburst, he however obliged, and Kyuhyun turned to see a very concerned Yesung.

“I’m not trying to pry into your personal life, but since I’m asking you to help me, I feel like that I should care for you when you’re helping me... it’s only fair. And besides, venting out what’s wrong is really good for the body and soul. However, if you truly don’t want to talk about it… then I understand.” Yesung spoke softly towards Kyuhyun as he nodded his head in the slightest.

“I… guess you’re right. I need to get this burden off my chest.” Plopping himself next to Yesung, Kyuhyun soon began to reveal his hidden past.

“Believe it or not, I had a girlfriend. Her name was Soojung. And as you can see, if you look at me, I’m not the type of person who girls grovel at my feet and beg me to be their boyfriend.” Yesung let out a small chuckle before Kyuhyun continued on. “Anyway, she saw me for who I was inside, my personality… not my looks or appearance. She loved me for who I was and I couldn’t be happier.” Kyuhyun voice trails off as it becomes shakier and a bit unstable.

“I thought that she was the one for me. But, I was wrong.” He hung his head low as a tear trickled down his face. “That day is ingrained into my brain and I can’t forget about it, no matter how many times I try.” Yesung immediately made Kyuhyun look at him square in the face.

“It’s okay Kyuhyun. It’s over.” That was the push that Kyuhyun needed as he continued on with his story.

“I was returning to our shared apartment from my part-time job. When I opened the door… I-I, f-found her making out with a man I n-never saw before. She was full out kissing him as if there was no more tomorrow. With that, she walked up to me and said that it was over. Done. Finished. That day, my heart died inside… and that day I swore that I wouldn’t fall in love, because to face that pain again… it would be too much for me.” More tears fell down his face as he ended. Yesung could only stare at him as he spoke words of encouragement.

“Kyuhyun… breathe.” And slowly Kyuhyun started to take deep breaths in and out as he calmed himself down.

“Thanks Yesung, and I do feel a bit relieved. It’s like a big, giant boulder has been lifted off my shoulders.” Kyuhyun replied as he let out a smile, something that Yesung never saw and it was absolutely beautiful in his eyes.

“Your smile is really radiant and gorgeous, try to wear it more often.” Subconsciously, Kyuhyun could feel a burning sensation reaching his cheeks as he attempted to hide it.

“I-I have to go to work now… but can you please try not to do anymore fails today. I think two is quite enough for one day.” Begged Kyuhyun as he heading out the door, but quickly, Yesung called for him.

“Wait Kyuhyun!” Stopping in his tracks, Kyuhyun turned around to see Yesung dashing towards him.

“Do you think I can tag along with you to work? I get so bored by myself here and I promise I won’t cause trouble at your work place.” Yesung’s eyes soon became round and soft as he was now pleading. With a soft giggle, Kyuhyun finally gave in to Yesung’s puppy eyes.

“Fine, fine…” Kyuhyun sighed as Yesung leapt with joy.


Arriving at Kyuhyun’s work place, he quickly swiped his card in and got to work immediately. Watching from an empty table, Yesung had his gaze solely on Kyuhyun as he observed him tending to all of the customers and showing him a kind smile. But Yesung could tell it was fake. His eyes were showing so much pain and misery. How, Yesung wanted to hug Kyuhyun and comfort him, tell him that it was okay. But Yesung kept reminding himself that he was a ghost and that he would only go through him like he was mist. Sinking deeper in his chair Yesung let out a sigh.

Thankfully for Kyuhyun, Yesung hadn’t created any disasters… yet. Walking past the cash register, Yesung soon set it off as the draw containing the money was opening and closing nonstop and the machine quickly malfunctioned. The other workers rushed over to help as Yesung sheepishly walked backwards, away from yet another one of his fails. Three times today, maybe a world record. Soon, the coffee machine was soon smoking and was out as well when Yesung also happened to walk past it. Whoops, now it’s no longer three fails… it was four.

Trying to explain all of the havoc that took place at the café, Kyuhyun was glaring intently at Yesung. He gulped in fear. If I wasn’t dead, Kyuhyun would have definitely killed me already.

Kyuhyun finally got his break after fixing and cleaning all of the messes that Yesung made. Note to self… NEVER let Yesung come to work with me ever again. That note was readily acknowledged. Running up towards Kyuhyun, Yesung was furiously apologizing for what happened today.

“I’m SO sorry Kyuhyun! I didn’t know that ghosts could set off machines and other technologies!”

“It’s fine… just please stay away from any electrical appliance from now on.” Kyuhyun groaned as he crumpled to the floor in defeat. Behind him was a very chirpy tenor voice. Ryeowook soon came skipping towards Kyuhyun with happiness.

“Oh, hey Kyuhyun! I finished with my homework so I decided to drop by and say hi.”

“Hi…” Kyuhyun muttered to him as he got himself off of the floor. Turning towards Yesung, Ryeowook bowed in respect.

“Hello, it seems that you’re an acquaintance of Kyuhyun’s. Let me introduce myself. I’m Kim Ryeowook, Kyuhyun’s best friend.” However, once he said his name, Yesung’s eyes bugged out… so did Kyuhyun’s.

“What? Why are you staring at me like I have ten heads or something?” Ryeowook said playfully, smacking Kyuhyun on the arm.

“Y-y-you can see him.” Kyuhyun exclaimed as he pointed at Yesung.

“Psh, of course I can see him!” Ryeowook said, “He’s a person after all!”

 “B-but… he’s a dead one.” Kyuhyun replied. Ryeowook’s face turned more serious and shocked.



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