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Just Meant to Be: Chapter Three
#super junior
Title: Just Meant to Be (Chapter Three)
Summary: With the two most unlikely people in the most unusual circumstances, sometimes things are meant to be.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook, Donghae, Onew, Heechul, ninja!Eunhyuk, more KPOP idol cameos to come...
Couple: Kyuhyun/Yesung, ninja!Donghae/Eunhyuk
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Drama/Comedy(?)
Rated: PG

Chapter One | Chapter Two

The loud and abrupt sound of his alarm clock had once again jolted Kyuhyun out of his sleep. Resisting the urge to go and chuck it against the wall, Kyuhyun slammed his hand down on the clock with all of his strength.

Dragging his feet on the ground, Kyuhyun reluctantly got changed and placed all of his textbooks and papers in his backpack. Walking down the hallway, he could hear a loud crashing noise coming from the kitchen. Immediately, Kyuhyun raced towards the room to see what was going on. By his feet he could see cereal strewn all across the hardwood floor and soon he located Yesung sprawled on the floor with a bowl next to him.

“What the heck happened in here?” Kyuhyun asked as he unenthusiastically started to up the cereal pieces.

“Um, I was bored and I figured that you would be tired… seeing that I woke you up at like midnight. And I realized that I could grab normal objects even though I’m ghost so I tried to make breakfast for you- …but then as I was going to the table I tripped over my own foot and-”

“Okay, okay! I get it.” Kyuhyun said interrupting Yesung's rapid-fire explanation. “Look, I have to go to school now, so do you mind cleaning this up?” Soon Yesung looked up a little surprised.

“Wait, you’re still in college?” Yesung questioned, his eyes widened just a tad.

“Duh, I’m only 20.” Kyuhyun responded sarcastically.


“HEY! Are you saying I’m OLD?”

“NO! It’s just that you just act someone older than your age, a little more mature. Take it as a compliment, Kyuhyun.” Looking at Kyuhyun, he could feel the intense stare as Yesung slowly crept away. “And yeah… I’ll clean my mess.” Yesung replied as he dashed toward the closet to find a broom. Going towards the door, Kyuhyun waved goodbye.

“Okay then… but by the way, please stop failing. I don’t want my apartment to be in complete ruins when I get back!” Kyuhyun shouted. Quickly, Yesung pouted in discontent.



Rushing towards his college, Yojeong Academy, Kyuhyun made it just in time before the morning bell. Sighing in relief, Kyuhyun placed his backpack down and soon got ready for his first class of the day. However, someone unexpectedly showed up behind him.

“Hi Kyu.” Jumping up from his seat in shock, Kyuhyun turned around to see his cousin, Zhou Mi, smirking at him.

“WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?” He exclaimed as he almost hit a chair and at this point, Zhou Mi was now snickering.

“Where else? I got here through the door, pabo.” Zhou Mi said, receiving an immediate smack on the head from Kyuhyun.

“OI! Then if I’m such an idiot, why I am getting 100s in trig and you’re getting… I don’t know, low 60s?” Kyuhyun retorted back. Zhou Mi glared at him, very displeased.

“You may not be an idiot at math I admit. But you’re are an idiot at seeing the obvious… and fashion. Geez Kyuhyun, you need like a SERIOUS fashion overhaul. I’m surprised that you had a girlfriend.” Examining Kyuhyun’s fashion disaster, he was wearing a baggy shirt that hung over his very loose pair of jeans, not to mention like inch thick glasses and hair that seriously didn’t look like it got combed that morning. What a wonderful combination.

“Oi, for your information, I’m perfectly fine with the way I dress. And about her… can we not talk about that.” Kyuhyun said as he hung his head low. Quickly, Zhou Mi gave him a hug of encouragement.

“Ne, I’m sorry for bringing her up.”

“It’s fine… but really, I thought we were in love. I guess I was wrong…” Kyuhyun’s voice trailed off as the pain resurfaced.

“Everything in life has a risk Kyu, and maybe this time it didn’t work out, however that doesn’t mean you can just give up, the perfect one will be out there for you. You just need to be patient.”

“Are you my therapist or something?” Kyuhyun said as he raised his eyebrows.

“Psh, and I was trying to make you feel better.” Immediately Kyuhyun let out a faint grin.

“I was being sarcastic, but thanks though Mimi.” Zhou Mi returned the smile but quickly changed the subject in order to not hurt Kyuhyun any further.

“On a lighter note, how is it having an apartment of your own?” Instantly recalling Yesung and the chaos that happened this morning, Kyuhyun couldn’t help but sigh as he responded.

“It’s, um… how should I say this… very interesting.” Soon, Kyuhyun was twiddling his fingers to avoid any further questions. However, that tactic failed as someone else spoke.

“How is it interesting to own a new home?” Startling the two taller ones was Ryeowook as he was staring at his psychology book, almost drilling holes in it with his eyes.

“WHOA! Wookie, when did you get here?” Zhou Mi shrieked in surprise, having an almost identical reaction to Kyuhyun. And soon, Kyuhyun fell to the ground, overwhelmed.

“Why does everyone end up behind me and scaring the crap out of me?”  Closing his book, Ryeowook looked up at Kyuhyun.

“You say that it’s interesting… so, do you have a very interesting somebody at your house?” He was spot on with his answer and Kyuhyun immediately turned red.

“YAH! Stop turning all psychic on me!” Kyuhyun whined, sitting back down in his chair. However, Ryeowook stuck his tongue out in defianceUgh, the joys of having a psychic as your friend… Kyuhyun thought to himself.

“I can’t help it. You keep giving me very strange wavelengths since you came to school today. And besides, I’ve been friends with you since we were kids, of course I know when something’s up with you.” Ryeowook said with a very straight face as Kyuhyun sunk deeper in his chair.

“Yeah, but you were clueless about your abilities back then. So, can you revert back to that adorable Ryeowook I know?” And once he spoke, Ryeowook formed a pout on his face and became more childish, replacing his serious self.

“Aw, KYU! I’m sorry! I just can’t help myself. You know when I turn all psychic I get colder and more serious.” He exclaimed while Kyuhyun face-palmed himself.

“You’re not only my psychic best friend, you’re also my bipolar best friend.” Ryeowook smacked him on the shoulder.

“Hey! It’s not like I can do anything about it!” Kyuhyun replied with only a smirk as he got another whack, this time to the head.

Eventually the three of them continued to playfully banter one another until it was time for class. However, throughout the entire day during classes, Kyuhyun was a little on edge.  Yesung kept popping in his head and it made him unexpectedly worried. In the back of his mind, he was praying that Yesung wouldn’t do anything stupid back at his apartment. And man, he should have prayed harder.


Left all alone again, in Kyuhyun’s apartment, Yesung was about to die of boredom. Wandering in and between walls, he finally decided to take a peek at the other rooms since he had only seen Kyuhyun’s room, the living room, and the kitchen. Going through the wall, (because Yesung is honestly too lazy to open the door) he could see that the room was supposed to be the study area.

In the corner of the room was a cherry wood desk, old and a bit battered but still in good condition. Beside it was long and elegant lamp as it curved towards the desk. However, nothing else was seen as the walls held nothing, no pictures, no paintings… they were bare. On the left side of the room there was a closet, just slightly closed. But, there was a little fuzzy thing sticking out of the closet.

“Hm, that’s weird…” Yesung said to himself as he crept closer towards the closet. Crouching down, Yesung gave the thing that was sticking out of the closet a little tug. With only the slightest of touches, the closet door swung open and an avalanche of stuff came crashing down and covering Yesung. Boxes were everywhere and Kyuhyun's belongings were no longer in the closet, but all over the floor. Emerging out of the pile of stuff, Yesung groaned as he stared at the catastrophe he just created. It’s been only two hours since Kyuhyun left and yet another fail had occurred. 

“Really… Kyuhyun’s going to kill me… wait- I’m dead already.” Rolling out of the pile, Yesung noticed a small plushy turtle. Its eyes were big and round, an occasional stain or two were noticed but other than that, it was fine. Dangling off the turtle neck was a shiny piece of metal.

“Eh? What’s this?” With a closer look, Yesung realized that it was a pendant of a clown fish, with fine letters inscribed on the back of itKeeping my fishy close to my heart~. Taking the pendant off the turtle, Yesung immediately started to quiver profusely. His hands were shaking like leaves ready to fall of a tree and soon he began to convulse as everything was turning spotty. With a loud crash Yesung fainted and collapsed onto the floor, still clutching the fish pendant in his hand. Something came floating back up to the surface of his mind and soon, he remembered a piece of his past life.


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