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Miracle for You: Epilogue (FINAL)
#super junior
Title: Miracle for You (Epilogue-FINAL)
Summary: Everything was so right... then an angel came and turned everything upside down.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Yesung, kid!Leeteuk
Couple: Kyuhyun/Yesung, hinted!Leeteuk/Yesung
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Drama
Rated: G

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six

Lacing their fingers tightly together, Yesung and Kyuhyun walked swiftly toward a very unassuming brick building. It looked like any ordinary structure that was scattered throughout the city of Seoul. But, this one was different. It was a passage way to a new life, only this time, it will be with a new family member.

“Kyu… it’s been 8 years since we had been much more than just friends.” Yesung whispered as he snuggled against Kyuhyun’s broad shoulders. He smirked as he pulled Yesung in closer braving through the falling snow that twirled all around them.

“Yeah, that long… and then 6 years later I married you!” A smile crept up onto his face, the two rings on their left fingers reflected off the white snow. Quickly taking Yesung’s hands tightly, Kyuhyun brought them up to his face. “Sungie, you will always be my gloves. You know that right?” Yesung blushed as he responded with small peck on the lips.

“I know Kyu. Now, let’s go and make our family complete.” Opening the doors of the orphanage, there were many children scurrying happily all around them while volunteers and caretakers try to make them move along to their next destination. However, smiles covered their small and adorable faces. It pained the both of them to see these kids here. But both knew that they would be taking one or maybe even two, home and cherishing them forever. Walking down the hallway, they could see the curator of the orphanage looking through applications and pictures. Lifting her head, she bowed courteously to the two of them.

“Oh! Hello, you must be the couple I talked over the phone with.”

“Yes.” Kyuhyun said. “Do you mind if we look around?”

“Of course not! Go and have fun with the kids. It’s not every day that the children get to see new adults in the building.” Bowing their heads in appreciation, Yesung and Kyuhyun made their way down the hallway into the play area. There they could see the kids cheerfully playing around. Some were building tall towers of blocks, only to completely destroy it with one swipe of the hand. Others were drawing and humming quietly to themselves, little scribble marks were made as they kept switching marker after marker to make the perfect picture. For a few hours, the couple had so much fun playing with all of the children. Yesung was helping out some of the kids with making paper snowflakes, while Kyuhyun was playing hide and seek with some others. And soon the two sung a tiny duet together, acapella style. All the kids were immediately captured by their voices as if they were like all of them were wrapped up in warmth.

But right after, upbeat music was playing and Yesung was dancing around wildly with the children. Kyuhyun on the other hand, felt a little awkward so he just swayed and did a little dance with his fingers. As naptime was coming around the corner, they helped the caretakers tuck the all of the little ones into their beds. And once they were sound asleep, the two of them decided to take a little break and head down the corridor as they took a seat on one of the nearby benches.

“Ne, Kyu… you were very good handling all of the kids.” Soon the two cuddled together, enjoying themselves and the time they had with kids so far.

“You too Sungie, I just can’t wait till we start a family you know?” Kyuhyun responded, smiling. However all of a sudden, Yesung’s eyes flashed in sorrow and immediately caught Kyuhyun’s attention.

“Something’s bothering you Yesung, I can see it.”

“No, no not at all.” He said as he turned his head away.

“Stop lying and tell me what’s wrong because it breaks my heart every time I see you acting like this.” Finally obliging, Yesung rested his head in the nook of Kyuhyun’s head.

“It’s just that it almost 8 years since you nearly died… and that’s when Leeteuk…” He’s voice was shaking as he could still remember it so clearly and vividly. The memory was like replaying in his head over and over again. Grabbing Yesung’s head, Kyuhyun caressed it gently as he hummed a little song to calm Yesung down.

“Shh… it is okay Yesung… that had already happened. Leeteuk wouldn’t want you to be like this when we’re going to adopt some children of our own right? He would want you to smile and make everyday worth it.” Yesung soon nodded in agreement as he started to smile again.

“You’re right… he wouldn’t want me to act like this. Thank you Kyu.” Tenderly, Kyuhyun placed a kiss on his forehead in encouragement.

“Anytime Sungie, and you know I’m always here for you.” A few minutes later, a volunteer signaled them to come back into the room as the children were waking up. Quietly tiptoeing in, the nannies quickly handed them bottles so they could feed some of the babies while they went off into a different room and wake up the older kids. Slowly picking up a baby, Kyuhyun attempted to cradle the baby in his arms, only to frighten many of the volunteers. Yesung, although a little more successful than Kyuhyun, also struggled with feeding the babies. However after a few trial and errors they finally got the hang of it.

Now as it was the last baby to be fed. One of volunteers gently lifted the baby up from out of his cradle, but he wasn’t cooperating as he was squirming and crying. Trying to calm the baby down, Yesung could see the amount of stress and it was overwhelming the helper. Asking the volunteer for permission to handle him, she quickly nodded as she passed him over to Yesung. With the little experience he gained from the other times, he slowly patted the baby’s back in efforts to make the baby stop crying.

In an instant, the baby quickly calmed down as he was playfully swinging his arms around spouting out incoherent words. The tears were immediately blinked away by his big doe eyes. Making a very weird face, the baby started to laugh as his little hands started to grab on to Yesung’s finger. Soon he was biting on Yesung’s finger even though he was toothless as Yesung yet again made a funny face.

Standing behind watching the scene unfold before him, Kyuhyun couldn’t help but smile at the happiness that was radiating off of Yesung. Walking up towards him, Kyuhyun asked to take the baby. Yesung happily agreed as the baby was handed over to Kyuhyun. Quickly, the baby took a liking towards Kyuhyun as he spun the baby around and lifted him up into the air. The baby was giggling the entire time as he was enjoying the thrill of spinning around. Looks of worry plagued all of the volunteers’ faces, including Yesung’s.

“Yah Kyu! Please be careful with him… you’re going to give me a heart attack.” Yesung said as he soon slumped down in relief once Kyuhyun had stopped putting the baby in danger.

“Kyu…” Yesung said, calling out for him again. “Can we get him?” Kyuhyun nodded almost instantly.

“We’ll take him home today.” Yesung face immediately brightened up as he soon took hold of the baby and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

“What’s his name by the way?” Yesung asked turning to the caretakers.

“His name is Shim Changmin.”Focusing his attention back to Changmin he hugged him tightly.

“Changmin-ah! You’re coming home with us!” A squeal of delight was heard from Changmin.

However as they were about to leave, in the middle of the room there was a soft sound. Curious, they soon discovered what was making such a beautiful sound. In the center of the play area was a small little boy who was playing the piano and singing along. He looked no more than 7-8 years old and even though it was a simple piece of music, it was played with lots of soul. This little boy got the attention of both Kyuhyun and Yesung as they asked for his name.

“Ah, his name is Park Jungsu. He is a reclusive child, never opening up to any of the adults. So it’s hard to find him a home.” One of the nannies said as Yesung started to walk forward towards the young boy. Changmin was in Kyuhyun’s arms as they looked from afar. Crouching beside Jungsu, he noticed that he had a faint hint of orange hair. No way… Yesung thought to himself.

“Jungsu-ah…” Slowly, Jungsu turned around to see Yesung right in front of him. Those eyes… that face… it seemed all too familiar to Yesung. And soon without thinking first, he pulled Jungsu into a hug.

“It’s you… you’re here.” Tears of joy were streaming down Yesung’s face and soon, Jungsu also had the same emotions of happiness and he started to cry. It was like they were being reunited together after many years. The sounds of sobbing were muffled by Yesung’s shirt.

“What… is this… feeling? I-I… feel… like I’ve met you before.” The two of them stood there in the middle of room where the caretakers, nannies, and volunteers looked on with happiness and joy that Jungsu was finally able to open up himself to someone. Coming up behind them, Kyuhyun stood beside Yesung, cradling Changmin in his arms.

“Looks like we’re taking two today.” Kyuhyun said. A soft and gentle smile appeared on his face.


Driving away from the orphanage, Changmin and Jungsu were sound asleep in the back of the car as Yesung and Kyuhyun were quietly talking to each other, hoping not to wake the kids.

“I’m glad that you’re so happy today Yesung.” The latter nodded in response as he looked at his new kids from the mirror up in the front.

“Yes…” Yesung closed his eyes as a smile emerged from his face. Once more, another miracle had been given to him.


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Woow..i want to see their weeding..!!! hihii..
Aaaahh..yeay happy ending...^^...I Like it..Finally yesung found leeteuk again...!!!! Kyusung family with Changmin and leeteuk...oooh so sweet..Happy family...!!

Thanks for writing a good story like this.. really appreciate it.. I still want to read your another story.. please keep writing about kyusung.. bcoz i love it..hehee..^^
thank yuuuu... *waving ^^

yeah!!!! thank you for writing the epilogue and making Leeteuk come back and making him their son!!!! i really love this final chapter!!!! XD
waiting for your next stories! ^^

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