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Just Meant to Be: Chapter Two
#super junior
Title: Just Meant to Be (Chapter One)
Summary: With the two most unlikely people in the most unusual circumstances, sometimes things are meant to be.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook, Donghae, Onew, Heechul, ninja!Eunhyuk... other KPop idol cameos to come
Couple: Kyuhyun/Yesung, ninja!Donghae/Eunhyuk
Genre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy/Comedy(?)
Rated: PG

Chapter One |

“W-w-what is going on here? Just what the heck are you?” Scratching his head, the young man shrugged in response.

“Honestly… I don’t know.” 


Kyuhyun stared at the young man as he began to pull himself out of the door.

“How do you not know who you are?” Kyuhyun asked, but the young man just stared blankly at him.

“Really, if I knew then I would have told you. However, by the looks of it… I think I’m dead.” He said as he looked at himself, and soon stuck his arm through the door… again.

“No duh.” Kyuhyun retorted.

“But, what’s weird is that I don’t remember anything from my life… my family, my friends… if I had a lover…” Pausing, he slowly turned to Kyuhyun with pleading eyes. “Before I leave this world, do you mind helping me recover my memories? You’re the only one who can see me… and it would mean a lot.” Thinking about if for a moment, Kyuhyun was about to say no and that he had his own problems when the thoughts of his past love came back to haunt him. Maybe if I help him… I’ll get my mind off her. Well, it’s worth a shot. Kyuhyun then rose from his spot and looked at the young man, well ghost now.

“Alright, I’ll help you. Besides, you’re just probably going to haunt me to death until I said yes.”  Kyuhyun said. Joy was quickly expressed in his face as he was about to hug the daylights out of Kyuhyun. Until he remembered that he was not human and probably would go straight through him so he forcibly restrained himself.

 Sitting comfortably on the couch, Kyuhyun quickly grabbed a nearby pen and piece of paper as he began his ‘interrogation’.

“Ok. This should be an easy one. What’s your name?” The ghost thought for a second as he stuttered through the answer.

“Uh… I think… my name is Jae- no that’s not it… um, oh! Yesung. Yup, my name’s Yesung.” Kyuhyun soon scribbled down the name on to the piece of paper.

“Well, that took you a while.”

“YAH! I said that I forgot ok?” Yesung exclaimed as a pout appeared on his face. Looking at his face for just a moment Kyuhyun began to laugh uncontrollably.

“HAHA! You look like a fish!”

“I do not! Wait… fish… I think I remember something about fishes.” Yesung said as he began to think about the aquatic animal.

“What, were you a fisherman or a merman when you were alive?” Kyuhyun responded jokingly and immediately, Yesung glared at Kyuhyun.

“No I was not. I’m pretty sure about that. I think one of my friends was called fish… or something along those lines.”

“That’s a weird name to have. But ok... anything else?” He said as he kept on writing. Soon, one word suddenly popped into Yesung’s head.


“What is with you and sea creatures?”

“I don’t know! But, I feel like turtles are something important.” And yet again, Kyuhyun was reluctantly writing, this time about turtles. He even had time to draw a little cartoon-stick-figure-turtle thing. (Kyuhyun is not the best at drawing… but still tries anyway.)

“Anymore Yesung?” For a good ten minutes Yesung stands there in deep thought and shakes his head.

“No…” Kyuhyun then sighed, placing his pencil gently on the table.

“Let me get this straight, all the leads that I have to help you are your name, fishes and turtles. Well, this is just helpful.”  Kyuhyun said with complete sarcasm.

“Hey! I don’t remember!” Yesung snapped back at him.

“Alright, alright chill! Let’s just sleep on this one. Here, I’ll make some space on the couch for you.”

“Wait, Kyuhyun… I don’t need sleep.” Looking at Yesung confused Kyuhyun soon remembered that Yesung was a ghost.

“Right… well, then good night!” And Kyuhyun dashed off towards his room, closing the door behind him. Soon Yesung turned his head back to the scenery that lay in front of the apartment. Staring down at his small hands, he stuck his hand through the glass door for the third time that day.

“This is really happening. I’m really dead.”


It was almost midnight. Yesung was wandering around Kyuhyun’s apartment, going though wall after wall with nothing to do.

“I’M SO BORED! I want something to do.” Yesung whined as he continued to walk in what seemed like a never ending circle. Going through a wall for the nth time, Yesung found himself in front of a sleeping Kyuhyun. His face seemed so peaceful and calm. However just as Yesung was about to leave, Kyuhyun started to toss and turn, mumbling incoherent phrases.

“No… don’t leave… I… loved… you. DON’T GO!” Restless and in distraught, Kyuhyun was soon sweating bullets as he kept rolling on the bed. Yesung tried to do something, but as he was going to reach out for Kyuhyun he stopped himself. I’m dead… I can’t touch him.

Pacing around and thinking what to do, Yesung soon slowly crouched down near the terrified Kyuhyun and hummed a soft melody to him. And eventually Kyuhyun settled down, panting heavily. I hope his nightmare has gone away… He thought to himself. And Yesung was soon smiled as he suddenly stared at Kyuhyun’s philtrum. So vulnerable…  

“Why am I staring at that?” Yesung said quietly as his hands were twitching. Without thinking, he raised his hand up to Kyuhyun philtrum, about to attack/stroke it. Realizing this, he quickly pulled his hand back.

“WHAT THE…? Why do I feel like stroking his philtrum?!” Yesung shouted, jolting a shocked Kyuhyun out of his bed and straight to the floor. Immediately, Yesung covered his mouth from yelling anything else.

“YAH, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” Kyuhyun exclaimed as he rubbed his back in order for him to alleviate the pain.

“S-sorry Kyuhyun… it’s just that my hands are having this weird urge to go and pet your philtrum.” Yesung said as he looked away quite embarrassed. Kyuhyun laughed as he got up from his spot.

“That’s funny.”

“Why?” Yesung questioned as he sat down on Kyuhyun’s bed flustered.

“I mean… maybe it’s a habit that you used to do. Your body can also retain muscle memory so maybe that’s why.”

“I must have been one weird person…” Yesung said with a very surprised expression.

“You’re still weird Yesung. Even if I met you for only a few hours, you give off this weird vibe.”


“I was just kidding! Geez, you take things way to seriously.” He said smirking. However, Yesung soon treaded over towards the window looking out to the city.

“Anyway, you sure seem to know a lot about that Kyuhyun.” Yesung said as Kyuhyun nodded, slipping back into his bed.

“Yeah… well, my friend Ryeowook is studying to become a therapist so he rants to me about these things.” Kyuhyun explained as he got into a comfortable sleeping position. “Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have some Z’s to catch… it’s almost one anyway.”

“Sorry for waking you up…” Yesung said, feeling a bit guilty.

“Whatever, it’s fine.” And soon, Kyuhyun was out. Staring at the sleeping figure, Yesung turned around and decided to go through the wall. Immediately after he went out of Kyuhyun’s bedroom, he could hear the same rustling and grumbling of words coming through the doorAnother nightmare? I seriously hope he’s okay. Maybe I’ll ask him tomorrow. Feeling bored, Yesung went up to the top of the apartment building and just stared at the city and its light, waiting for the sunrise to appear and a new day to come.

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Omoo.. Yesung is a ghost..???
mmm.. i think it would be interesting... looking forward to next chapter...^^

thank you for reading this :)

Ohh this is interesting. I can't wait for more updates.^^

This reminds me of a movie called Just like Heaven....did you base it off of it? Just curious.


hehe, just a bit... well, i was watching it and then a plot came to my head and... yeah XP hope you don't mind :)

Nope I don't mind^^ I was just curious. But I love that movie so it'll be fun to see a Kyusung version.

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