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Just Meant to Be: Chapter One
#super junior

Title: Just Meant to Be (Chapter One)
Summary: With the two most unlikely people in the most unusual circumstances, sometimes things are meant to be.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook, Donghae, Onew, Heechul, ninja!Eunhyuk... other KPop idol cameos to come
Couple: Kyuhyun/Yesung, ninja!Donghae/Eunhyuk
Genre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy/Comedy(?)
Rated: PG
A/N: I've already posted this on AFF, but I'm posting this on LJ for rhenny so she can go comment crazy on the up coming updates XD


Staring at himself in the mirror, Jongwoon wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. Ruffling his hair a little and straightening his tie, he quickly grabbed his coat as he took one last glimpse at himselfI hope I get to meet my destined one today. He thought to himself as a small smiled emerged. Soon, shouts were heard from down the hallway.

“Yah, rabid dog! You’re going to be late if you keep at this turtle pace!” His brother Heechul exclaimed as he kept pacing around, his eyes were focused intently on the clock that was hanging up on the wall. It said 7:25 pm… Running out of the hallway and towards the entrance of their shared apartment, Jongwoon looked up at his brother.

“Ddangkoma is quite insulted with you. You know, turtles aren’t that slow.” Heechul just rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“Yeah, and I have a six pack like my friend Siwon. Now anyway, get going. You have only five minutes. Shoo. Scram. I have my own date too.” He said as he was literally shoving Jongwoon out.

“Okay, okay! I get it, bye hyung!” Heechul nodded as he bid his brother goodbye. Closing the door with had the number 413 on it, Jongwoon raced down the stairs of living complex and turned on the car engine.

“I can’t wait for this! Let’s just hope that this dating site worked. He seemed so nice and stuff…” Soon out on the street, Jongwoon was driving towards the restaurant he was supposed to meet his date and have a nice dinner. In his mind, there were many thoughts racing through his head like what his date will look like, his really personality and all of that stuff. Not really paying that much attention to the road, he soon reached an intersection. However he didn’t notice two cars both at full speed. In those cars were probably teenagers who were speed racing. And just as he was about to drive by the intersection, a sudden crashing sound was heard, honking noises were in the background as Jongwoon was ejected out of his car.

Laying there in the streets, a lady ran towards him, pulling out her cell phone.

“Stay with me sir, the ambulance is on the way!” Blood was dripping down his face. Pain was registering in all parts of his body. Trying his best to stay awake, it did nothing as his eyelids were flickering slower and slower. Everything went black and soon he was floating in utter darkness.


Chapter One:

Suspended in blackness, Jongwoon soon stood up and began to walk around. It was all silence as the darkness never seemed to end. However, he soon stumbled upon a little orb of bright light. As soon as he touches it, he could see something below him. Looking down he could see his unconscious body hooked up to all types of machineries, his friends and family surround him. Tears of pain and sadness filled their eyes. And even his cocky hyung Heechul shed a tear. Taking a good look, Jongwoon couldn’t recognize himself under all of the wrappings and tubes.

“This can’t be… am I dead?” Jongwoon thought to himself. Looking around, he couldn’t see much because somehow, his vision was blurred. However, a doctor came in as he greeted both of Jongwoon’s parents and his brother Heechul.

He mumbles something that Jongwoon couldn’t quite understand, but his parents could and sent them both into a state of shock and sadness. Immediately, Jongwoon’s mother dropped to her knees as she clung onto her husband who had the look of despair in his eyes. Heechul quickly stormed out of the room, guilt and pain flashed through his eyes. Jongwoon wanted to go and comfort his family, tell them that he’s still here and tell them that everything is alright. They don’t need to worry about him. But, as he tried to touch his mother, she quickly passed through him unfazed by it at all. Jongwoon stunned at first, tried to reach out to his brother Heechul, but obtained the same results. Now frustrated, he floated around the hospital. However he soon realized that he could pass through walls and control some of the machineries, which happened to give nurses some heart attacks as he made some of the equipment go haywire. But still, he couldn’t contact any of his family members.

“I can’t be dead… this can’t be happening…” Jongwoon muttered to himself over and over again. Completely out of it, he decided to head back to his apartment he shared with Heechul. Walking up the steps it seemed all so normal only like just a few days ago. As he was about to touch the doorknob a sudden shock was felt coursing throughout his body. Kneeling on the floor in pain, he gasped at the sharp and intense throbbing feeling on his side and quickly was reunited with the darkness.

One Month Later…

The sting of betrayal was still coursing through him as Kyuhyun made his way up to his new apartment. Looking intently at the door he slowly placed the key into the slot, on the door in bold print were the numbers 413I need to get away from my past, and start anew. He thought to himself.

 It’s been a little more than a month since Kyuhyun had found out he had been betrayed by his girlfriend. He can still remember walking into their shared apartment to find her making out with another man that wasn’t him. At that moment, his heart had shattered into a million pieces. Kyuhyun loved her unconditionally, giving her everything he had. However, she didn’t feel the same. She NEVER felt the same feeling. It was like a horrible nightmare had transplanted itself into reality, a reality that Kyuhyun just couldn’t grasp.

Stacking all of the boxes he had into the living room, Kyuhyun sighed as he took a glimpse of the new place he’ll be calling home, a place where it will never have her ever again. Migrating towards his bedroom, he opened a box that had all of things he would need tomorrow and placed them neatly in the closet. Plopping himself on the bed, he didn’t have the will to take any more things out of the boxes. Instead, Kyuhyun just laid there, his soul empty, his heart still broken.


A loud ringing sound was heard throughout his apartment as Kyuhyun blindly reached out his hand in order to slam down the snooze button. Rolling out of bed, Kyuhyun scrambled to brush his teeth and make sure his hair was somewhat decent. He soon got ready as he got on his work attire and grabbed his coat. Soon Kyuhyun made his way towards a little café at which he worked at. Rushing in and swiping his card in, he quickly snatched his apron and slipped it on, ready to work.

The last month or two kept replaying in his head as Kyuhyun worked harder than normal just to get it out of his mind. Kyuhyun was soon sweeping more, cleaning often, and even to the dismay of some of his other co-workers, cooking the food at times.

Now tending to the register, Kyuhyun noticed that out of the corner of his eye, one of his co-workers wasn’t their usual self. His eyes were droopy and had tint of red. And he certainly wasn’t his cocky self anymore in fact, he lacked any emotion. Even though Kyuhyun didn’t know him that well, it struck him as odd.

 After three more hours of assisting customers and getting what they want, Kyuhyun went to him to see what was happening.

“Uh, hyung… is there something wrong?” Kyuhyun asked his co-worker as he turned around and glared at him. His name plate was reflecting the light from above, it read HEECHUL in bold letters.

“No, what is it to you? Just leave me alone.” And soon he stalked out of the counter and into the staff only area. Staring at the door that led to the staff area, Kyuhyun sighed and then continued with his shiftLooks like someone’s in a foul mood… aish, I shouldn’t be saying that. I am too.


 Once he had finished up with his shift and swiped his card, Kyuhyun raced back to his apartment. That apartment had quickly become his sanctuary as he finally took the effort to get everything unpacked and organized. Putting the last piece of furniture in place, he sighed in relief. Finally… I’m done. Suddenly a memory of her flashed in his mind. He could remember them buying their shared apartment together, and how excited the two of them were. Now, Kyuhyun doubts if she really did feel that way. Shaking the thought aside, Kyuhyun then headed to the grocery store because he knew he couldn’t just live on instant ramen the rest of his life.

Returning from grocery shopping, Kyuhyun could hear a rustling that was coming from the balcony that was just outside the living room. Quietly stepping in to see what was going on, he could a see a young man leaning against the railing, looking towards the city.

“OH MY GOD!? This is my apartment!” He shouted, shocking the young man who flinched as he turned around to face Kyuhyun.

“Huh? I thought this was my apartment…” His voice trailed off.

“W-well, I own this one so I think you went into the wrong one.” Kyuhyun said, however he was in deep thought. I thought I locked the door. Guess I have to be more careful…

“I’m sorry… but I swore I’ve been here before…” Just as he was about to walk into the room he managed to trip on his own foot and fly through the glass door that was separating the living room and the balcony. Yes, he went THROUGH the door. Looking down, he saw half of himself outside and half of himself inside.

“Oh… well, this is quite a predicament.” A stunned Kyuhyun stood there with his mouth open and eyes bugged out. Slowly he stepped backwards, not sure what to make of the situation.

“W-w-what is going on here? Just what the heck are you?” Scratching his head, the young man shrugged in response.

“Honestly… I don’t know.”


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