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Miracle for You: Chapter Five
#super junior
Title: Miracle for You (Chapter Five)
Summary:Everything was so right... then an angel came, and turned everything upside down.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Yesung, kid!Leeteuk
Couple: Kyuhyun/Yesung, hinted!Leeteuk/Yesung
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Drama
Rated: G

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

With his now black wings spread wide open, Leeteuk flew up through the clouds to the home of all of the angels. Passing through all of the other angels he flew as fast as his wings could take him. And at lightning speed, he raced towards the leader of the angels, Siwon. His broad shoulders were lifted back as he sat there very regal upon a cloud high above.

“Siwon-ah, I need your help!” He said panting. Immediately Siwon looked up to see one of the best angels before him asking for help… something that normally Leeteuk would never do.

“Leeteuk, you’re one of the best angels around, why would you need help?” Siwon inquired as he slowly floated down from the higher cloud.

“Please, I need to save a human!” Once those words were uttered, all of the other angels gasped and turned around to stare at Leeteuk. Even Siwon himself was shocked.

“You… want to save a human’s life?” He asked. Leeteuk nodded silently, as Siwon just stood there.

“This is unlike you Leeteuk, tell me… what is this human’s name?”

“His name is Cho Kyuhyun.” All of the angels immediately paused. No angel has ever asked to spare a human’s life, especially when it’s the one that they were meant to guide to the afterlife.

“Leeteuk-sshi, that human is the one you must…” Siwon’s voice trailed off as he began to contemplate what to do. However, Leeteuk finished his sentence.

“I know he’s the human I must guide in the afterlife. But please, can we spare him!”

“You know just as well as I do Leeteuk, we can’t alter the course of a human’s life. When the time comes… it just comes.” Now Leeteuk was getting desperate.

“Siwon, please can we do it just once?!” Siwon could hear the sincerity in his voice and that’s when he began to realize something.

“Leeteuk, tell me… why do you want to save this human?” Stunned at the question, Leeteuk stuttered his way through the answer.

“I… I… want to… because someone I c-care for wants him to live.” Soon Leeteuk stared down towards the clouds below them, not looking directly at Siwon any longer. It was all the proof that Siwon needed.

“I see then. Leeteuk, you’re recovering your human emotions.”

“My… human emotions…?” Looking really confused, Siwon began to clarify.

“Yes. All of us angels used to be humans once. But destiny chose a different path for us then to be reborn back into the world below.” Gliding over to where Leeteuk was, Siwon started to bend down to the small Leeteuk.

“You may have the body of kid, but there is a strong emotion deep inside you that is gradually being revealed. So could you tell me who this person you care for is?” Leeteuk lifted his head and whispered the name, a slight blush came on.


“Ah, he must be the one who can see you.” Immediately Leeteuk was shocked.

“How do you know that?” Siwon just grinned as he pointed to the clouds farther up.

“Believe me. The view from up there is really spectacular.” Leeteuk let out a little giggle as Siwon continued.

“You know Leeteuk… the thing that you’re thinking of doing… it has a very severe consequence, especially towards you. Are you still on planning on doing it?” Silently, Leeteuk nodded as he stepped forward.

“Even so… I’m still going to do it. But, I need you to accept it.” Siwon also took a step closer to Leeteuk as he placed his hand on Leeteuk’s head.

“I never said that I wouldn’t accept it.” Sadness flashed in Siwon’s eyes as his hand began to glow. But he kept on smiling, concealing his true feelings.

“You were my best angel… and I will miss you dearly.” Leeteuk raised his head up towards Siwon and showed him, what seemed like his last, dimpled smile.

“Don’t worry! We’ll see each again.” Siwon nodded as the light radiating from his hand became brighter and brighter.

“I hope so Leeteuk. I hope so.” And with that, everything went a blinding white. Leeteuk was gone… vanished.


Biking through the streets of Seoul, Kyuhyun was making his way towards Yesung’s house. It’s been two days since Yesung’s release from the hospital and Kyuhyun has been making a daily routine to always visit his house and family. Clutching the same small box that he had the last time he visited Yesung in the hospital, he was smiling brightlyI totally forgot about this box last time… But, I hope Yesung likes what’s inside. Pedaling faster and faster towards Yesung’s house, his heartbeat increased as the wind blew faster through his hair.

Making his way around the corner of the street, Kyuhyun was just a few meters away from Yesung’s house. Suddenly out of nowhere, came a speeding motorcycle that was heading towards Kyuhyun. There was no more time. A loud crashing and swerving sound were heard as everything came to a stop. People all around were in a state of panic. Many grabbed their cell phones and dialed for help as others tried clearing the area so the ambulance could make its way through.


In less than three minutes, the ambulance had arrived. Sirens were on full blast as the EMTs were on their way through the crowd and to the two who were injured. Lifting them up in stretchers they were shoved into vehicles as the paramedics took care of them. One of the paramedics on the job was Hangeng who had just moved in from China. Taking care of the patient at hand, he meticulously made sure that the every single thing in procedure was complete.

Suddenly, there was a light tug that he felt on the sleeve of his shirt. The patient was still conscious, blood dripping down his face; he slowly mumbled words into his oxygen mask.

“Can… you give… this to him…” Gently, he placed a little wooden box in Hangeng’s hand. Hangeng didn’t know what to do with it, he didn’t know who was if for or where to give it.

“Please tell me who this person is.” The patient’s eyes were blinking slower and slower, Hangeng knew that he was losing him.

“Hey… Hey! Stay with me here! Tell me who to give the box to?” Soon the patient whispered his last words before finally drifting off.



Sitting by his window sill, Yesung kept staring up at the clouds. It’s been a while since Leeteuk had come to visit me… I wonder what’s going on. Yesung was still wearing the cast on his right arm, but other than that, everything was back to normal. However there was a ringing noise throughout the house. It abruptly ended as he heard Jongjin answering the phone.

“Ah… yes this is the Kim residence… ah… uh… you want to speak to him? Oh, please hold on.” Pulling the phone away from his ear, Jongjin called out to his brother.

“Yah, hyung! The hospital’s calling you!” Rushing downstairs, Yesung picked the phone. Aish… what now… I thought that I was done there. Do they need me to test still?

“Hello?” On the other side, it was a doctor, from what Yesung could tell, probably the same one that treated him just a few weeks ago.

“Ah, Yesung… this is about Kyuhyun.” That name made the whole world freeze over.


“Kyuhyun has been in a motorcycle accident, his injuries are life threatening. Please come down to the hospital immediately.” And the doctor quickly hung up the phone.

“Hyung… what’s wrong?” Jongjin asked. Tears began to flow down Yesung’s face as he could only mutter one word.

“K-Kyuhyun…” Yesung hastily dashed out of his house and straight towards the hospital. Holding the black ring Kyuhyun bought for him, he glanced at it. You promised me that we would be together Kyuhyun. Please… don’t break it.

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sorry, i just read it now.. ^^

Oooh.. Angel Teuk.. u will helping kyu..? but what will happen to him later when he helped kyu? he would disappear?or bad things will happen to him? aahh..
no..no..kyu..nooooo... don't die.. pleaseee...
i'm curious with next chap.. what will happen later with kyu & angel teuk.. what one of them going to die ..? ah i'm so frustrated to read this chap..*sigh

Thank you for update and i'm waiting for next chap..^^

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